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Friday, May 25, 2007:POTC

In a (misguided?) attempt to revive this bloody thing, I shall, on behalf of half the class, blog about the movie outing today.

Pirates of the Carribean! I never watched the first 2 movies, but Yiding gave me (and Jabez, who felt female/jelly today) a runthrough during Chem lecture beforehand so I caught up pretty quickly. It had a... very Hollywood-blockbuster-movie-ish feel to it. Lots of special effects and costumes, fancy fight scenes, and lots of unnatural, overly choreographed, contrived situations milked for laughs and drama. Typical Hollywood. But it's amusing enough, albeit a bit long. Jack Sparrow was funny. :) Although I get the feeling that he was more funny in POTC 1 or 2; I see the humourous potential of the character, but I don't think it was fully developed in this movie.

Anyway, after that we gave Mr Ong the card and present. I wanted to draw a demand and supply curve on the card, but no space. :( Then went to play pool. (I didn't go though, so perhaps someone else can fill us in on the details.)


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