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Saturday, May 26, 2007:A Continuation

Continuing from Vivien's post, we didn't go pooling. Coz Yuemei and Zhang Ying didn't have home clothes. Kboxing was eliminated pretty quickly too as the price is simply too high and even philantropist Rong Bing couldn't sponsor us for Kboxing. So, we went to eat dinner together and after a while, Tianbo came. Then I became a battle of words between Tianbo and Yedi, erm... I mean a battle between the Indian and the pig head.
Anyway, after dinner, we went to this interesting place called Mind Cafe which is like the only entertainment place that does not prohibit people from wearing sch uniform to enter. The place was for people to play board games and other interesting intellectual games. We chose to play Telepath, where we had to pair up. Then, we will roll the dice to see if we were to describe a picture or a word. After that, we will pick a card and flip to the side according to what we roll on the dice. One side of the card has a word and the other side has a picture. Then, we will use a number of words to describe the word/picture. The number of words that your partner and you both have will be the number of squares that your counter will move on the playing board. Whoever reaches the end wins. The number of words that you can write to describe the word/picture depends on the square that you are on.
Okay, after using this whole chunk of words to describe this game, I must say that Gabriel and Zhang Ying have great telepathy. They reached the end at lightning fast speed while the other 3 pairs languished behind, while includes Yue Mei and I, Xing Cong and Lufei & Tianbo and Yedi (the inseparable enemies).
After an hr of mind-exhausting attempt to read our partner's mind, we came out of Mind Cafe and cam whored for a while. Now, someone can put the photos on the blog as I don't have them.

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